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Essay #2 - The Chastity Life

After my instructional email was sent, an immediate response followed. Yes to all demands. The training begins before the cage arrives. The training involves an orientation call where he is referred to as "boy", "slut", "it", depending on the degree of humiliation he enjoys. In the email, he was instructed to purchase a CB cage with plastic locks, and it had been done. The receipt was sent to my email for proof. The call would last an hour or more, detailing and designing his program. Each boy is different, each boy is unique, but they all have one thing in common: they are chastity slaves who need to give up their slavery to masturbation. They need to put the control in my capable hands.

During the call, "boy" as I decided it should be, downloaded yahoo messenger and put himself on webcam, naked before me. I decided boy was too hairy and must remove the pubic hair. He protested and I scolded: Mistress always wins, shave the hair after the call. I will check to see later. If he does not answer the instant message later, I will gather that he has left the program. During the call we outline the time involved which is usually 3 days to a week, the next call appointment, the decision to pursue an online journal, scheduling of instant messenger, and everything that will be expected of him. Upon exit of the call, I put myself on stealth setting on instant messenger. He must always be visible, I must always be unavailable. After all, casual random messages are a little too friendly. Not appropriate for a slave in training and a Keyholder in charge. Two hours later I did a random check to see if "boy" had followed my shaving instructions. "Boy" responded within 5 seconds displaying a shaved pubic area. I was far.

Three days into the program, boy continued to be on messenger when I was on. Sometimes I checked him , sometimes not. I saw no need. He was not locked yet. That is when the real program begins. Finally I received the email that his cage and locks have arrived. I email him back and order him to call and put himself on cam. He eagerly complies..there he was naked, hard, and ready for a final release..that is if he is lucky.

This phase of chastity training is the most important. It is the phase that defines the ritual of locking and keeping. Here "boy" has already experimented with fit and has a handle on how the device is placed and fitted. Male creatures are mechanically oriented and easily adapt to gadgets. This makes them akin to chastity devices and other toys that require assembly.

On cam "boy" masturbates to 16 edges as directed. With a premature ejaculator it is important to listen to the breath, and cadence of the voice to determine if they are on the cumming verge. He successfully completes all 16 edges. I will give "boy" a reward. He is to cum on the next edge. He has great relief and is now ordered to ice down "my" cock for lockup. I order "boy" to shower briefly, only 2 minutes and return. My cock is now clean and ready. On cam, I watch my new boy put on the device, lock the plastic lock, pulling it to ensure security, and after I am satisfied , dismiss him until later or tomorrow , or whenever I feel like it.


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