Chastity Fetish Training Phonesex Essays By Mistress Cassandra

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Essay #3 - Deep Into Chastity 

Boy, after 3 days of chastity has become dependent and needy on Mistress. This is to be expected since a man's cock is the only toy he is allowed to have after childhood. He needs a new mindset: this is Mistress's cock. She owns it. He has given it to her willingly. Every day for 3 days I Have randomly checked via messenger. The lock is secure. He pulls the lock on cam, the numbers match up to her records, the boy looks intense and frustrated. I dismiss him for now, I could check him later. Tonight I have decided against it, instead I go out with my friends for dinner and drinks. When I come home I check my list, and there he is. I snicker, turn off messenger and go to bed. When I wake in the morning, I check emails, turn on messenger, and there he is. He has left me a lengthy email on his training as well, how it is beginning to make him feel more submissive , how I have him in my web of chastity training and the ultimate control. Our call is scheduled in 2 more days. I decide to random check him more often. He takes longer to respond than usual. He was sleeping. He has just earned one infraction which means one week and one day total. Since it took him 11 seconds to respond instead of 10, he has one more day added. Infractions, he understands, can also be tributes or wish list gifts. I t depends on my mood!

He is expecting a spot check tomorrow. I thoroughly ignore him. He has signed off at the designated time we agreed on.

Call day has arrived. I prompt him for a call and he responds immediately. The phone rings and the cam comes on . He is there as expected, naked, shaved, and cock locked. I interrogate him on if he had sneaked the device off some way and had illicit stroking without my permission. He assures me that he has not. I challenge him by saying his balls do not look bloated enough and I believe he is lying. He denies my accusations.

Now is the time to remove the lock and line up a new plastic numbered lock. I make note of it and record it. He is allowed a one minute shower after the device is removed. If he has a laptop with a cam, he is ordered to take it into the bathroom for a longer shower.  This way I can watch him clean my cock, ensuring he does not stroke and cum.

After the shower he is ordered to sit and stroke for as many edges I decide, by roll of dice. He is not allowed to cum. I notice a change in his attitude. He is becoming the chastity slave that I much enjoy, one who is in my web and controlled by me. His final edge is frustrating and I ruin his orgasm by careful observation. He is ordered to stop and I ask him: " Who owns that cock boy? "

He answers , " You do Mistress, it is your cock, i am just your chastity slave".

I say, " Good boy, now get the cock lock on now!"

Boy has done well. He ices my cock, places the cocklock on, and locks it securely with the plastic lock.

"Well done. I think we may be ready for a stricter program very soon" I say

"Dismissed!" I said as I hang up the phone. 

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