Chastity Essays By Mistress Cassandra

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Essay #1 - In the Beginning

Here is where it all began. Chronic masturbation brought you to me. Your interest in being more in control to serve Femdom and a potential mate sparked your interest in the cage and all of it's trappings. You saw my site and decided to jump in with both feet. You first send an e-mail . You write to me informing me that your life is filled with giving orders. You are an executive. You have no time for a relationship right now because you work constantly. Perhaps you were once married. Your wife is long gone. You had a difficult time satisfying her because of your premature ejaculations and general absence. She had no idea you that you craved and fantasized being on your knees in front of her or in front of a strong and strict Mistress.

Enter the web surfing, all domination sites in front of your eyes as you jerk off and cum for hours with absolutely no control. Finally one day you land on this site and the page hits you like a slap across the face with a kid leather glove.  You study the site and all of it's information and then decide, with trembling fingers to send me an email of introduction.

Where do I begin you think. You begin with the confession that you need to learn control through chastity lite training . Strict chastity is way too much right now, but the thought of lock boxes and random spot checks, the fact that I see you on I.M. but you are not allowed to see me. The fact that invasion of my privacy is unacceptable. Sending chatty messages like I am a friend is unacceptable. I am not your friend, I am your keyholder. All of these facts titillate your senses and make your cock jump with anticipation. You begin to compose the email of interest.

The email has been received and I begin to read through the lines. What I read is the words of a spoiled, willful, and arrogant male, a male who has gotten his way under any circumstance. Will I take on such a challenge? Is it worth the trouble. The topping from the bottom, always testing my authority. I decide yes because in the beginning, during my early Keyholder days, I learned valuable lessons. The arrogant male is to be treated like a wild stallion. He is to be broken and trained and rendered docile. He gradually, but ultimately gives me complete ownership of his cock. It becomes my cock. It will require patience from both of us. I decide to answer his email and give him further information.

The email I send back will be cold and professional. He is informed I am his Mistress and not a friend. There will be nothing but chastity domination and basic control that goes with chastity lite. He is informed through links what device to get, and it will have numbered plastic locks. He will enter the program with an open mind and a closed lock. He will be mine until he has decided it is not what he wants, has completed the program, or I dismiss him through multiple infractions.


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