Chastity Fetish Training Phonesex With Mistress Cassandra

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Now you have decided to participate in the drama of chastity entanglement. What makes it entangled is you are there and I am here but we are of like mind. I demand control and you need control. This makes us complimentary, which makes a perfect harmony. My philosophy is very simple : control the orgasm , control the boy. Since male conqueror civilization has destroyed the Goddess, male animus has tried to revive her in ways such as chastity training and Femdom.

I offer Keyholder service , strict and chastity lite. The difference: strict requires lock boxes, combination locks, serious chastity devices as Mistress Lori's custom made devices , Exobelt, and the Neo Steel. Strict requires 24/7 availability on webcam. Strict requires an online journal. Strict may be the keysafe program for geeks to set up at their own expense. Strict requires tributes, wishlist purchases, and one or two phone sessions per week, no less than 30 minutes. Strict requires you answer your instant messages within 10 seconds. Should you fail to respond, infractions are enforced such as days added to chastity . Chastity lite is a more relaxed program for chaste slaves who want to test the waters. This can be a starter device such as the CB series with numbered plastic locks. Web cam is required so I can spot check regularly. Keys mailed without a lock box, combination locks, and plastic locks are all part of chastity lite.

I do not require contracts. A chastity contract can be drafted for the ritual oriented. Chastity contracts are not legal contracts and are not bound by law.

Two Mistress Keyholder sessions are available at additional cost.

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